We pride ourselves for reducing risk in software development and bringing a high rate-of-return to projects we work on.

Our offer

Challenge your assumptions

There's nothing more wasteful than an excellent execution of the wrong idea. We'll help you understand and realize the opportunities that exist for your business.

Experiment quickly

Rapidly prototype web and mobile apps or internal tools. We commit to deliver a working, useful software that creates real business value in just 6 weeks.

Incremental development

As time goes on two things change: circumstances and our understanding. That's why after every cycle we take a step back to discuss where we are now.

Reliable support

We will provide you with support including training, consultation and fixing defects.

Why should you choose us? Our Guiding Principles

Our methods are optimized for stakeholder satisfaction and low risk. They are proven to work by us and many leading industry experts. We are heavily inspired by practitioners like Dave Farley, the author of Continuous Delivery and Modern Software Engineering, and Ryan Singer and his amazing book Shape Up: Stop Running in Circles and Ship Work that Matters.

We will work with you

We are two multidisciplinary entrepreneurs and you will work directly with us. No unnecessary intermediaries. Together with you we analyze the problem and implement the solution in front of you. Nothing should be lost in translation.

Outcome over output

In other words: business value over features. Many software developers will promise you a lot of features. We think it’s silly. What matters is not features but how your business benefits from the solution.


We have skin in this game. We build our own company from scratch and every client is very important to us. That’s what will guarantee our highest dedication to making you happy.

Low risk

Every tech project involves risk. It's in the nature of the undertaking. We mitigate it in three ways. We work in short iterations with fixed, reasonable budget. We share the risk with you fairly. The costs are spread out in several installments and the majority of the payment is conditional on your satisfaction with the products delivered.


The process is designed to cut out all time wasting ceremonies. We focus on three things only:

  1. Understanding where your business value is.
  2. Developing products to unlock this value.
  3. Analyzing the results.

How to start and stay in the loop? Our process at a glance

6 h First encounter 30 m Free story mapping session Define and prioritize goals Develop an MVP Review the goals Continue the development Support Success 2 w 6 w 2 w 3 w 4 w 6 w Say "Hello" and tell us what you are looking for. We want to learn more about your business and see how we can help. Together we specify qualitative and quantifiable goals that will drive the development cycle. We will deliver first working, useful version of the software in 6 weeks and for a fixed price. Which goals are met? Which ones need some more attention? Are they all still relevant to you? Anything new on the horizon? Let's make sure we are still on the same page. Would you like us to add a small missing feature... or a big one? Maybe try a completely different approach to the problem? In short cycles we can keep learning by doing together. After every cycle we promise to deliver a working version of the software. You can pause or stop at any time you want. We got you covered. We want to make sure you are happy with your software so will be available to support you in it's use. This includes training consultation and fixing defects. Click for a 30 minutes chat