Software Garden
A Software Development Workshop for Non-Programmers
in Amsterdam and Utrecht, the Netherlands
Hello! We are running a workshop that will give you a glimpse into the way software is created. We think
it's important
During this
5 days workshop
(3 hours each day) you will learn to solve problems using a functional programming language. Together, we will build a program that simulates growth of a tree, like this:
Our workshop is intended for people with no prior experience in programming and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Everybody is welcome!
Say hello
+31 638 216 166
or drop us a note at
Next Round
We are going to run the second workshop at the University of Utrecht from Monday,
13th of May
to Friday 17th. The price for participation is
500 €
(inc. 21% VAT).
In addition to 15 hours of training you will get access to
our discussion site
where you can ask questions. Upon completion of the course your name, program that you will have created and link to your website (or LinkedIn profile etc) will be posted
Below is the material through which we will be going during the workshop. Only the first section is a required read before you come.
Before the course begins
Day 1 - Let’s Make a Dot
Day 2 - Let’s Place the Dots in a Circle
Day 3 - Connecting the Dots
Day 4 - Let’s Make a Tree
Day 5 - Let’s Make the Tree Grow
About us
: I’m going to be your teacher during the workshop. I’ve been working as a software developer for the best part of the last six years. Before that I’ve been a lawyer.
I love the creativity of the software development and hope to share that passion with you.
I’m a junior software developer and together with Ted a co-founder of
Hornbook Company
. At the workshop I am going to be your teaching assistant. Previously I was teaching English in China and working as a marine biologist
in Eritrea, Italy, Finland, Azores and Spain.
is a co-author of the workshop. He is an Elm developer at
in Cologne, Germany.