Some of the previous projects of Software Garden and our members, including commercial and free software / open source solutions.

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We are a group of experienced IT professionals based in Eu­ro­pe (Am­ster­dam, Ut­recht and Bonn). In the past we participated in many commercial and free software / open-source projects. Here are some of them.

Lead Studio

  • data engineering
  • process automation
  • web extensions
  • user experience
  • internal tooling
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Google Cloud

In 2021, we promised our client, Saleslift Studio, to deliver a working software solution to improve prospecting performance within a fixed time and at a fixed price. In just 6 weeks (a single development cycle), we provided them with a useful solution - Lead Studio. Further incremental development enabled them to improve a number of key performance indicators. Thanks to their partnership with Software Garden, prospecting specialists at Saleslift Studio are now able to enrich leads 20⨉ faster than before.

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Agile Plan Exporter

  • Agile Planning
  • efficiency
  • happiness at work
  • collaboration
  • free / open source software
  • markdown
  • iCalendar
  • schedule

At Software Garden we are obsessed with creating a work environment where we can be efficient and happy at the same time. That's why we practice agile planning - a simple and collaborative process where everyone has a chance to catch up with all the latest developments and choose the priorities they will work on. This tool allows us to export our schedule from the flexible and lightweight Markdown document, where we do the planning to the industry standard iCalendar format. Now every team member can synchronize their calendar with the rest of the team!

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Elm Springs

  • Elm programming language
  • physics
  • springs
  • animations
  • simulations
  • free / open source software

An Elm package implementing a rough model of a physical mass attached to a spring, as described by Hooke's law. Good for making smooth and organic looking animations or modeling oscillating values (for example emotions). High physical accuracy is not a priority - performance and API simplicity is more important.

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Ethical Software Garden
  • collaboration
  • digital ethics
  • CMS
  • GitLab
  • free / open source software

We are curating and cataloguing resources about digital ethics.

A similar attitude to values and concerns brought us together as a team. To learned more about digital ethics, we took part in the Offsite Sustainability meetup hosted by Railslove. During the discussion, we all realized that resources about digital ethics are very scattered. This website uses our innovative GitLab CMS, which offers powerful features for users and is easy to maintain for developers. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the discussions there.

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Elm Tree Workshop

  • education
  • functional programming
  • Elm programming language
  • web development
  • anyone can learn programming

A workshop that will give you a glimpse into the way software is created. It is intended for people with no prior experience in programming and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Everybody is welcome! During this 5 days workshop (3 hours each day) you will learn to solve problems using a functional programming language. Together, we will build a program that simulates growth of a tree.

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Word Snake

  • brainteaser
  • game
  • think-fast
  • education

Think fast - guess a password, collect letters and save the snake from a fire trap! In this simple word puzzle game you control a snake while guessing a password. Challenges are designed to let players learn various facts about the world or improve their arithmetic and logical thinking while playing. It's extra fun to play in a group on a phone or a tablet - one player controls the snake while others help to guess the password. It can be a nice family exercise that brings people together.

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Coming soon

  • Java
  • security
  • trainings
  • text analysis
  • legal-tech
  • Node.js
  • education
  • TypeScript
  • design patterns
  • Java security workshop
  • Node.js design patterns workshop
  • Node Damerau-Levenshtein